Hi and welcome. This is the design portfolio of Barend Visser, a Dutch design student who currently studies interaction design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd.


Find books in a more intuitive way

Intention with us

Establishing a student think tank

Disease explanation system

How to explain a world epidemic disease?


Helps people to save energy

Collaborative care

E-health concept for home diagnosis

Energie data visualisation

Visualising the green energy shift


A new mobility approach


My name is Barend Visser and I am a Dutch guy studying interaction design in Germany. During my study and previous internships, I discovered my enthusiasm for invention design projects especially those having a social background.

My aim is to invent self-explaining interfaces where every pixel, button, colour and typeface has been carefully considered to improve human’s every day life by facilitating the interaction process, adding value and creating joyful user experiences.

Get in Touch

Currently I am looking for an internship. Please contact me if you are curious about my work.